Wimboot Plugin

Ventoy use this plugin to boot WIM files (Legacy BIOS + UEFI).

  • How to use

Download ventoy_wimboot.img file from https://github.com/ventoy/wimiso/releases
Put the file under ventoy directory in the ventoy partition of the USB stick, that is /ventoy/ventoy_wimboot.img and that's all.

1. Put the file in ventoy partition which hold the ISO files, don't put it in the 32MB VTOYEFI partition.
2. You need to create the ventoy directory manually, because there is no such directory by default.

  • Features
  1. Directly boot from disk, no additional memory needed (Legacy + UEFI)
  2. There is no need to read the whole wim file to memory for both Legacy BIOS and UEFI. So no memory will be wasted.

  3. Use Windows native bootloader (Legacy + UEFI)
  4. etfsboot.com + bootx64.efi directly extracted from Windows ISO file

  5. You can customize ventoy_wimboot.img as you need
  6. There are many configurations in bcd file in ventoy_wimboot.img. For example, digital signature, test mode ...
    You can customize them if the default template doesn't match your requirement.

  • Why not out-of-box support

This feature was not integrated by Ventoy. The main considerations are:
1. bootmgr, bcd, boot.sdi ... These files in ventoy_wimboot.img are NOT open source, they are directly extracted from Windows ISO file.
2. Easy to update ventoy_wimboot.img separately
3. Easy to customize ventoy_wimboot.img

  • Boot wim files in local disk

Please refer Boot Image Files In Local Disk