Linux GUI (GTK/QT)

  • 1. Background

For convenience, Ventoy has provided native GUI program in Linux system since 1.0.52.
x86_64/i386/arm64/mips64 are all supported. Both GTK and QT are supported.
The UI layout and usage have no difference with Ventoy2Disk.exe in Windows.

Notes: If you run into problem, you can use to install or update Ventoy. Refer usage

  • 2. Support
Arch GTK2 GTK3 QT5 File Notes
x86_64 VentoyGUI.x86_64 For most commonly x86 64-bit OS
i386 VentoyGUI.i386 For x86 32-bit OS
arm64 VentoyGUI.aarch64 For ARM64 OS like Phytium/Kunpeng
mips64el VentoyGUI.mips64el For Loongson 3A MIPS OS
  • 3. Usage

Open the terminal and directly execute the corresponding file in the above table.
Take the most commonly used x86 64-bit OS for example, just execute ./VentoyGUI.x86_64

In some distro (e.g. Deepin/Ubuntu ...), you can also double-click the corresponding file to launch it.

Take x86 64-bit OS for example, you can only keep VentoyGUI.x86_64 and delete other 3 files for convenience.

  • 4. Screenshot