Browse/Boot Files In Local Disk

  • 1. Background

Since Ventoy 1.0.67, in Ventoy main menu, you can press F2 to directly browse and boot files in local disk.
Ventoy uses the Vlnk mechanism to boot files in local disk, you can refer Boot Ventoy Vlnk File for details.
The plugins (Menu alias, Menu tip, Persistnce, Auto install ...) can not be used when you browse and boot files. Use the above Vlnk mechanism if you need it.

  • 2. Usage

Press F2, ESC to return to the previous menu.

  • 3. Notes
  • 3.1 Menu Display Style
  • Like Ventoy TreeView mode, there are two menu styles avaliable when you browse files. You can use VTOY_TREE_VIEW_MENU_STYLE option in Global Control Plugin to control it.

  • 3.2 Menu Class
  • If you are not familiar with menu class, please refer Menu Class Plugin.
    All the menu classes are fixed as follows when you browse files (except when you browse Ventoy self).

    File Type Menu Class Notes
    DISK vtoydisk The 1st level of DISK use this class
    DIR vtoydir All the directories use this class.
    Return vtoyret All the Return and [../] use this class.
    .iso vtoyiso ISO files
    .wim vtoywim Windows WIM files
    .vhd vtoyvhd Windows VHD files
    .vhdx vtoyvhd Windows VHDX files
    .img vtoyimg IMG File
    .vtoy vtoyvtoy Linux vDisk File. Please refer Linux vDisk Plugin
    .efi vtoyefi EFI File
  • 3.3 Browse Ventoy Disk
  • F2 can also browse the disk where Ventoy installed. This is equal with TreeView mode.

  • 4. Screenshots