Ventoy Menu Tip Plugin

With this plugin, you can set a tip message for the image files. This message will be shown when the corresponding image file is selected.
The tip can be in any format. Unicode characters are supported.

  • Json Configuration

Recommend to use VentoyPlugson, a GUI ventoy.json configurator. Refer VentoyPlugson
A menu_tip object is defined to describe the configuration in /ventoy/ventoy.json (UTF8 encoding is needed).

    "menu_tip": {
      "left": "10%",
      "top": "81%",
      "color": "blue",
      "tips": [
              "image": "/linux/archlinux-2021.07.01-x86_64.iso",
              "tip": "This ISO file contains Intel SSD/NVMe/Wifi/USB 3.0 drivers and other common used software..."
              "image": "/Windows/cn_windows_10_business_editions_version_1909_updated_march_2020_x64_dvd_0f04bc03.iso",
              "tip": "这个ISO镜像里面集成了Intel主板以及无线 Wifi、SSD、NVMe、USB3.0 等常用驱动程序以及一些常用软件"
              "dir": "/Windows/WinPE",
              "tip": "This directory contains WinPE ISO ..."

Key Type Description
left STRING The X position of the tip
top STRING The Y position of the tip
color STRING The color of the tip. You can use blue/red/green ... or RGB format like #0000ff
image STRING The full path of the image file. This option supports fuzzy matching, please refer About Path Matching
dir STRING The full path of the directory.
Attention: The trailing slash must be removed (For example /ISO/abc is right, /ISO/abc/ is wrong).
tip STRING The tip message
Line breaks are not supported, all the tip characters will be shown in a single line.
So please don't set a too long tip message or it will be out of the screen width.
  • Multi-Mode

Supported. You can set different configurations for different BIOS mode. Please refer Multi-Mode Option for details.

  • Screenshot