Windows Command Line

  • 1. Background

Ventoy supports Windows command line mode since 1.0.86.

  • 2. Usage

The command line format is as follows: (parameters are case insensitive)

Ventoy2Disk.exe VTOYCLI CMD DISK [Options]
Required Parameters Description
arg1 Must be VTOYCLI
arg2 /I or /U corresponding to install and update.
arg3 Specify the disk. There are 2 formats: /Drive:F: or /PhyDrive:1
That is to say, you can specify the disk by logical drive or by the physical drive number.
Optional Parameters Description
/GPT Use GPT partition style when install Ventoy. By default Ventoy will use MBR partition style.
/NOSB Don't enable the Secure Boot Support option. Both install and update can use this option.
By default Ventoy will enable this option when install or update.
/NOUSBCheck Don't check whether the disk is USB type.
To be safety, by default, if the corresponding disk is found not to be a USB type during installation, it will return failure.
/R:XXX Reserve some space at the end of the disk when install.
The XXX is the reserve space value in MB unit. For example /R:2048 means reserve 2GB space.
/FS:XXX Choose filesystem when install. NTFS/EXFAT/FAT32...
/NonDest Do non-destructive install. You can refer About Non-destructive Installation for detatils.


Ventoy2Disk.exe VTOYCLI /U /Drive:D:
Ventoy2Disk.exe VTOYCLI /U /PhyDrive:1

Ventoy2Disk.exe VTOYCLI /I /Drive:D:
Ventoy2Disk.exe VTOYCLI /I /Drive:D: /GPT /NOUSBCheck
Ventoy2Disk.exe VTOYCLI /I /PhyDrive:2 /GPT /NOUSBCheck /NOSB /R:4096
  • 3. Result

In Windows command line mode, Ventoy will create the following 3 files.

File Name File Description
cli_log.txt Record detailed log information for the entire installation or upgrade process.
cli_percent.txt Install or upgrade progress percentage.
cli_done.txt Marking that the installation or upgrade is complete. This file appears to indicate that the execution is complete.
A file content of 0 indicates success and a content of 1 indicates failure.