How to mark iso file as Ventoy Compatible

If the OS in the iso file is "Ventoy Compatible", there must be some way for Ventoy to know that it is ventoy compatible. Once Ventoy treats the iso file as Ventoy Compatible, it will just make the virtual disk and will not do the hook.

Here are 2 ways for the iso file to mark them as Ventoy Compatible, you can choose any of them.

  • Option 1

This is the easiest way.
Just put a file with name ventoy.dat or VENTOY.DAT in the root directory of the iso image (inside of the ISO). The content of the file doesn't matter, however this file (ventoy.dat) is recommended.

  • Option 2

You can use Publisher or Preparer or Application filed in Primary Volume Descriptor of the iso file. The description of these fileds is at here ECMA 119
Include the fixed string VENTOY COMPATIBLE in any of Publisher or Preparer or Application filed. If the iso file was created by mkisofs, then -publisher -preparer -appid are the corresponding options for these fileds.