Ventoy 运行时参数格式

Ventoy 参数长度为 512 字节。具体结构如下: (结构1字节对齐,整数为小字节序)

Offset Len Type Name Description
0 16 UUID Signature UUID Signature for the information, the hex value is 20207777772e76656e746f792e6e6574
16 1 UINT8 Check Sum This value, when added to all other 511 bytes, results in the value 00h (using 8-bit addition calculations).
17 16 UUID Disk GUID GUID to uniquely identify the disk
33 8 UINT64 Disk Size The disk size in bytes
41 2 UINT16 Disk Partition ID The partition ID (begin with 1) which hold the iso file
43 2 UINT16 Partition Filesytem The partition filesystem
0:exfat   1:ntfs   2:ext   3:xfs   4:udf   5:fat   other:reserved
45 384 STRING ISO File Path The full iso file path under the partition, ( begin with '/' )
429 8 UINT64 ISO File Size The iso file size in bytes
437 8 UINT64 ISO location info address The phy memory address which contains iso file location information
445 4 UINT32 ISO location info length The iso file location information length
449 32 BYTES Ventoy Reserved Reserved by Ventoy
481 4 BYTES Disk Signature Disk signature to uniquely identify the disk
485 27 BYTES Reserved Reserved for future

具体可以参考 Ventoy 源码中 struct ventoy_os_param 的定义。(ventoy.h)