About Ventoy Subscription Service

  • 1. Background

Ventoy is an open source software under GPLv3 license.
But Ventoy project need to pay for the server hosting, domain name, bandwidth, many USB sticks for test, large capacity of HDD (for downloading ISO files) and so on.
For the better and sustainable development of Ventoy, I provide the subscription service.

  • 2. Benefits of a Ventoy subscription
  • 1. Exclusive official website forum
  • The official website forum will provide a subscriber-exclusive section to facilitate subscriber communication, feedback, and the release of some document.

  • 2. Experience the new version first
  • The new version of Ventoy will be given priority to subscribers before the official release.

  • 3. Customized Documentation
  • Subscribers can get customized documentation. Such as configuration examples for specific issues, specific auto-install scripts, example theme packages, etc.

  • 4. Professional technical support
  • Subscribers can get professional technical support. Including Ventoy usage guide, question answering, etc.

  • 5. Specific ISO support
  • Support for subscriber-specific ISO files.

  • 6. Question Response
  • Compared with official website forums, github issues, subscribers' questions/issues will be responded to first.

  • 7. Ventoy Roadmap
  • With a subscription, you can view Ventoy roadmaps and provide feedback, comments and suggestions.

  • 3. Subscription fee


  • 4. Subscription method

Pay through the method provided on the official website donation page and make a note.
After that, send an email to admin@ventoy.net. I will add your account to the subscription group and the exclusive official website forum.

  • 5. Notes

Ventoy software is open source and free, and that will never change.
The subscription service is provided for the better and sustainable development of the Ventoy project.
Subscription is completely voluntary and is for those who want better service and experience.